System Requirements

In Process


- PC, Windows (Vista,7,8,10)

(Mac OS X and Linux versions coming)

Minimum requirements

Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU / 3.00 GHz / 1.00 GB RAM / 350 MB disk space (or similar)


SDL 2.0, OpenGL (graphic) and OpenAL (sound, music)

Internet connection

Required for downloading updates and buying new packages.


The game lags when many ships are involved in a battle. What can I do about it?

Game Settings

I'm in the "Input" window. I can't click on the "Exit" button, which reads "Don't allocate the same Key('s)!". How can I leave the menu?

You assigned one key to two or more actions.
Check your Input list for this sign: <!>
Change the input for this action to another key.

When playing on full screen, many of the entries found under "Video mode" lack the preceding ">". What is the meaning of this?

The preceding ">" indicates which video modes are compatible with your monitor. Those without it will work anyway, but your game screen will be stretched.

Bugs and Erros

I encountered a bug during gameplay. Where can I check if this bug is already known?

Check the official game forum (tech support). If it is not reported there, feel free to report it.

Where is the tech support?

Tech Support